Operational Compliance Solutions

Compliance solutions for small to mid-size pharmaceutical companies

Life sciences companies rely on OCS to achieve their goals, add value to their bottom lines, and keep ahead in their field.

OCS helps small to mid-size pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies comply with U.S. healthcare laws and regulations. We provide best-in-class solutions that give our clients a distinct competitive advantage by allowing them to act quickly and strategically, knowing their company is secure with a comprehensive and up-to-date compliance program.

Our Philosophy

Healthcare law compliance forces life sciences companies to be accountable — to patients, to the medical community, and to shareholders. Compliance is ever changing. It can tighten and expand at the same time. It is as complex as it is critical to a life science company’s success.

A successful compliance program must be a pro-active, company-wide effort, not a process of after-the-fact auditing and discipline. We help build culture of compliance by engaging business members to be part of a team that uses strategic thinking to build a compliance program together.

Success is achieved from beginning, before a product rollout, not after an audit. Success is setting the tone from the top and pulling it through to every staff member. Success is measured in terms of engagement throughout, not how many boxes are checked.

Compliance needs to be practical, and done in a way that fits with the company's size, resources, and needs. Companies need to do business, and compliance should help, not hinder, this effort.